Red. Buy on Amazon. 5. Unger Window Washing Starter Kit with 2-in-1 Microfiber Combi, Collapsible Pole, Microfiber Cloth, and Bucket.Features : Includes a 10″ Microfiber Combi, 3 ft. collapsible pole, microfiber cloth, and bucket - Everything you need for cleaning windows.The Microfiber Combi is dual-purpose for easier, more efficient. QuickSaw® Tree Pruner Blade - 13. Tele-Plus™ 5-section Poles. Flexible, modular system enables you to assemble pole up to 30-ft. in length.Drawn anodized aluminum pole is lightweight and easy and safe to handle, even when assembled to provide maximum reach. Handle grip is ergonomically designed for comfort and the included ErgoTec® quick-release locking cone snaps into pole.. a natural taper for any. General Information: IGADPole Cleaning Kit includes: One 6, 12, 15, 17 or 24-foot IGADPole telescopic pole that can be used with various cleaning accessories; EASY SMOOTH FLIP-LOCK: The telescoping poles feature a locking device for each segment which prevents the pole to slip and is smooth and easy to use without asking for extra effort and risk of scratching your hands when you are using it;.

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